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Evidence Shows Exiled Mary Magdalene Returns

“Millions of The Da Vinci Code readers will feel right
at home in the world Rose creates.” – Kirkus Reviews

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Based on 25 years
of research evidence

Krishna Rose went on a twenty-five year quest pursuing obscure texts and visiting important archeological and historical sites around the world. This search was to accurately research the explosive information and story of Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks – which narrates many important pieces of untold history and spirituality.


Let the story of
Mary Magdalene transform your life

Decoding indisputable evidence

After 25 years of decoding indisputable evidence, I just had to bring light to the unfinished story. If you are ready for answers and wish to uncover the truth – this book is for you!

A prophetic secret

Mary Magdalene, the most misunderstood woman in history, discovers a prophetic secret which takes her on a heroic journey into the depths of the uncharted realms – in a quest to save humanity from itself. She finds herself holding an intriguing legacy in her hands, and more dangerously in her womb.

Your spiritual and historical quest for righteous truth

Your spiritual and historical quest for righteous truth will soon be fulfilled, as every question of faith and all things of the hereafter are finally answered within a thrilling unparalleled ride through history.

Hidden from society at large

Within Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks are secrets which for 2,000 years have been held under lock and key, hidden from society at large.

History, story-telling, and spiritual knowledge, come together

For the first time ever history, story-telling, and spiritual knowledge, come together providing you with a most powerful opportunity for transformation.

The Ancient Prophecies spoke of two Messiah's

Allow Woman in Red to seduce you. You won’t be disappointed. The Ancient Prophecies spoke of two Messiah’s. Jesu was the first.

“Become a sacred spring from which people drink.”

fter years of reading books about the Holy Grail and the fascinating lives of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and the Holy Bloodline Family, it came to my attention that no one was telling us what happened next.

Woman in Red is a story which begins at the crucifixion of Jesus and is the completion of a story that did not end there, but rather it began.

We follow the Holy Family out of warring Jerusalem to become heroes in foreign lands.

The story of their lives did not die with them but rather became the safe guarded secrets of the Elite.

Some daring souls touched and grazed upon the idea of Mary Magdalene and Jesus’s life after the crucifixion, but none have gone so far as to tell the tale which won 2,000 years of enigmatic History.

The fire of their story could not be extinguished
no matter how hard those in power tried to put it out.

Now their story will be told.

It is their story, not mine.


What Early Readers Say

“I read the first chapter of the book. It brought the crucifixion to life and I cannot wait to get hold of my copy of the book! I have always believed that Christ and Mary would have been married. Please let me know when the book will be available to buy. Many thanks and God Bless.”

Sandra Ellis

Read the first chapter of the book

“First of all, thank you for bringing the wisdom back to the light of humankind. Forever thank you for lighting up the world with this first chapter! I’m so happy I took the time to read this first chapter, twice! As I was reading, I was carried away! It was as if i was traveling through time and was in the burial chamber, wintenessing everything from the shoulder of Mary. I felt the light of the Author and truly a spark from my tummy went to my heart as if Mary herself whispered it to me. This book is already an art piece and it will touch many hearts, as it did mine, I can’t wait to read the rest! Thanks again, and good luck – with love and light.”


Read the first chapter of the book

“This work has a kind of autobiographical approach and reads like a confession of inner devotional experience. The tone was markedly feminine and helps the reader’s imagination ponder upon what it might have felt like to be in the presence of Christ as a dedicated female confidante & devotee. I felt like I was getting an emotional taste of the time, place, and circumstance.”

Hinano Reia


“Blessings, thank you so much for the opportunity of receiving a free Chapter! I was raised Catholic and I knew there was more than what we were told. I feel lots of pieces have been put in the jigsaw for me! While reading your chapter I got feelings throughout my body. Tears fell. I am truly grateful Krishna Rose, and I am really looking forward to reading all of the book”

Liam Johnstone


“Mary Magdalene, along with Jesus’s mother Mary witness the brutal death of the Master. Thinking about their first meeting, and what’s going to happen to her unborn child, she bathed and cleaned him after taking him down from the cross, wrapping him in a shroud and putting him in the empty tomb. The child in her womb could be the key to heal Jesus. Krishna Rose, your words are like pictures, so that I could really visualize what happened. It’s as if the words are coming from Mary Magdalene herself. Thank you.”

John Aughney

Read the first chapter of the book

“From the opening pages I felt transported into another world. Reading this story felt so familiar. Like reawakening to a time, and to feelings, which I once experienced so deeply – to a time that I always yearn to return to. Often while reading this book, tears came to my eyes or my hairs stood on end. So incredibly sad at times and yet also exhilarating, and fulfilling to the core of my being. I felt myself cheering for Jesu and Magdalene throughout these pages, relishing every word from their lips. Profound and inspiring!”


– Alachua, FL

“Thank you for your fabulous ethereal music and your wonderful, insightful writing. I read your Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks chapters and believe it to be the new vision of the greatest story ever told, through the eyes of Mary Magdalene. A mystery which has not been told in over 2,000 years! You will read this amazing truth and want to know more! The divine feminine is restored. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Kathy Q Archambeau


“It is Divine perfection that Krishna’s ability to put so many of the Sacred Mysteries together at a time when it is most necessary, is truly a miracle! Krishna Rose has a way of writing from her soul, thus we experience this beautiful story through our own soul! She weaves an elaborate tapestry of beauty in an exquisite tale surely to inspire all! The music to accompany the book is very moving & allows one to have a rich & spiritual feast in so many ways. Read, listen & enhance the heartfelt beauty of the Divine. Thank you Krishna Rose for sharing the beauty that you are!”

Darleen Nash


* Click here to get your free chapter by signing up to my weekly newsletter “Oracle of the Grail”.

Gain answers to many
unsolved mysteries:


Why did Constantine and the Church choose to disrespect Mary Magdalene by naming her a prostitute?


Who was Jesu’s father really?


Was Jesu married with children, if so, who were they and what happened to them?


Did Jesu survive crucifixion, if so, where did he go – and are there teachings which as yet are unrevealed to the public?


Who were Jesu’s family members and what happened to them after the crucifixion?


What is the connection between Herod and Jesu, how were they related?


Why was a male dominated religion created with no women and no Goddess?


If we have progressed so much, then why are more people living in fear, anxiety, and depression than ever before?


These and many more answers will soon be revealed within my historical novel Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks … a book where real history, spirituality and storytelling combine for the first time ever!

“Become a sacred spring from which people drink.”

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